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YHWH’s Dietary Laws

October 6, 2021

What are the dietary laws?
Merriam-Webster – Any of the laws observed by Orthodox Jews that permit or prohibit certain foods. The dietary laws are a set of laws given by YHWH to show us what foods are good (Clean) and bad (Unclean) for us to eat.

Where are they found?
Lev 11:1-47
Deut 24:4-21

When where they instituted?
A Pre-Sinai Law
Genesis 7:2
Genesis 8:20
This suggests that these laws were known and practiced before the Flood—even from the earliest days of mankind.
Genesis 4:4
There were no Jews or Israelites then—not even any Hebrews—these laws are obviously for all humankind.
Genesis 9:3
This Scripture, for some, may be difficult for some to understand. Some people take this to mean that God gives man authority to eat any kind of animal. The key to this verse is “even as the green herbs”
Examples of Clean and unclean in the Scriptures

Gen 7:2, 8
Gen 8:20
Lev 10:10
Lev 11:47
Lev 20:25
Deut 15:22
Job 14:4
Ezek 22:26
Ezek 44:23

Weren’t they just for the Jews? It’s for all mankind
Psalm 94:12
Ezekiel 18:5-9
Mark 2:27
Romans 2:12-16
It is absolutely vital for believers
Deuteronomy 6:25
Psalm 119:172

Why do we need to observe them? The Word says so! We must obey the Word.
1 Samuel 15:22
Deut 5:33
Exo 15:26
2 Tim 3:14-17
The Word is for our good
Matthew 5:17-18
James 1:17
Romans 7:12

Health Reason
The Pork Platter
Pigs have a poorly constructed stomach arrangement and very limited excretory organs. They were created as scavengers. They clean up anything that is left dead in the fields. The law that God gave to Moses condemns the eating of pork as being “unclean”. In its very nature it is poisonous, diseased, and deadly. Pork is said by many health authorities to be the prime cause of much of our American ill health, causing blood diseases, weakness of the stomach, consumption, tumors, cancer, and other sicknesses. How can “slop” a hog eats be made good food for human consumption? Pigs don’t sweat which means they do excrete the poisons out of their body. Under their hoofs are small outlets for various poisons resulting from their filthy diet. Hogs have been utilized for “cleaning out” snakes.
Swine are so full of poison they are immune to the snakes’ venom. Thus, swine are extremely effective in devouring, consuming, and ridding certain areas of dreadful snakes.

The Seafood Platter
Lev 11:9-10
Deut 12:23-25
Among the fish approved by YHWH’s law are: bass, pike, sunfish, perch, salmon, tuna, and many others. The scale-less fish (catfish) and all containers” of the sea world. Shell fish are explicitly prohibited. That includes the crabs, oyster, clam, lobster, and shrimp. Why? Zoologists claim that these sea creatures are lumps of disease-producing filth because of their inadequate organs of excretion. Catfish and shellfish are the sea scavengers, or the “garbage” containers of the sea world.

Medium Rare
Lev 17:10-14
It’s easily understood that disease is first carried in the bloodstream before it affects the flesh of an animal. The blood assimilates whatever is in the stomach (nutritious or poisonous) and distributes it to the various parts of the body. YHWH had strict instructions for butchering animals. The animal’s throat was to be cut to allow the heart to pump out the blood, draining it thoroughly. Even in the New Testament, Gentile Believers were warned against eating bloody meats:
Acts 15:29
Lev 3:17
Notice in this scripture it wasn’t just for then it was “for a perpetual statute for your generations”. Normally, sheep are butchered properly. However, many cattle are killed either by electrical shock or a blow on the head (as though strangled).
Much of the blood is retained, making the meat weigh more and “taste better”?
Dieticians are accumulating more and more evidence that red meats contribute to cancer-producing agents within the body. Nutritionists confirm that red meats build a sweet acid that actually feeds cancers within the body. According to the dietary laws YHWH has in His word it would be best for us to have our meat cooked well done. In obedience to God’s dietary law, the orthodox Jews demand “kosher” meats killed according to the Scriptural specifications. Kosher” means “clean, fit, and proper”. Kosher meat is probably safer from disease than public market meats. Now, since kosher meats are expensive, you can prepare your own in this way. Soak ordinary meat in water for half an hour, drain, salt heavily, and let set for one hour. (This will draw out much of the blood.) Afterward, wash and prepare as usual. Because of their strict observance to YHWH’s law, the Jewish people are enjoying YHWH’s promised protection from “none of these diseases.”

What Does Doctors Say?
One quick glance at national statistics quickly tells us that generally Americans are not taking care of their “temples”. Health care costs are already staggering, yet they are increasing. Twenty-five million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. Another five million are diabetics. Before age sixty, one in three American men will die from heart disease or stroke. One in six women American women will die from heart disease or stroke. This doesn’t include the sum of victims who will suffer from respiratory and digestive disease.

Why all this sickness and poor health?
The most technically advanced nation in the world -is certainly not the healthiest.
Most medical authorities agree that most health problems and leading causes of death could be modified by a change in diet. Many of the causes of death, such as kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer could be drastically reduced through proper diet. Studies estimates that a change in diet would reduce by 20 per cent the chance of contacting cancer and death from cancer. So, it seems that our “civilized” diet is actually the least civilized thing we do! Dr. David Reuben, physician and nutritionist says improper diet, has killed “more than twice as many Americans each year as have perished in all the many wars America has ever fought” He continues “The greatest threat to your survival and that of your family’s is not some terrible nuclear weapon.” Rather, it is “what you are going to eat from your dinner plate tonight.”

We Are His Holy Temple
I Corinthians 6:19
I Corinthians 3:16
1 Corinthians 3:17
1 Corinthians 6:20
1 Thess 5:23
Psalms 107:20
Proverbs 4:20-22
Hosea 4:6

Objections To The Dietary Laws
Acts 10:9-16
What is the subject of Acts 10? It is entirely devoted to the conversion of Cornelius, a Roman centurion (verse 1). Peter himself does not at first understand what his vision meant. He certainly does not jump to the conclusion that all meats are now clean. If unclean meats had been approved, would Peter have not understood this from what he had learned from YHWH Messiah. He lived with his Savior for over three years. If anyone knew that the law of clean and unclean meats it would have been Peter. Was the law changed in that 10 years and Peter missed the memo? His reply to the Voice, “Not so, YHWH!” He knew it went against everything he knew about YHWH’s law. It is even repeated in verse 16 and Peter never changes his mind. If you keep it within the context, Peter himself reveals what the vision meant. The vision of unclean animals was merely an illustration God used to help Peter understand that salvation was open to those previously held at arm’s length (see Acts 11:18). This is further evidenced by the Holy Spirit being poured out visibly on these Gentiles (Acts 10:44-47). Neither Peter nor Luke, the author of Acts, makes any further commentary regarding clean or unclean foods, as the vision had served a greater purpose. Nowhere in the context is it ever said that YHWH had cleansed unclean meats. This is something assumed by readers
Romans 8:7
Acts 10:1-11:18 confirms that “what YHWH has cleansed” is the Gentiles, not unclean foods.
Acts 10:28-32
1 Timothy 4:1-7
The chapter begins with a prophetic warning from Paul against false teachers and their teachings “in latter times.” Their doctrines would be those of demons, and one of them commands their followers… Verse 3
Many stop right there, but the rest of the verse is vital to understanding: “. . . by those who believe and know the truth.” ” These pesky details change the tenor of what the apostle is saying. Verses 4-5 must be taken together, as they are one thought. Paul is telling Timothy not to worry about such prohibitions because YHWH created every creature as “good”
Genesis 1:21, 24-25, 31

What does it mean “sanctified” in verse 5?
Made holy; consecrated; set apart for sacred services
Affectedly holy
2 Peter 3:14-17
Psalm 119:142
Leviticus 11:7-8
Leviticus 11:46-47
2 Timothy 3:16-17
Psalm 119:42
Perhaps this is good time to remind ourselves of how Paul encouraged us to approach all doctrine…
1 Thessalonians 5:21
Consider testing the abolishment of God’s dietary instructions to Scripture to see what happens. Be a Berean. Acts 17:10-11
Mark 7:14-23 (Also see Matthew 15:1-20)
These are another set of scriptures that some believe state that nothing entering into a man can defile him, therefore eating whatever one wishes is perfectly all right. Is that what this is really trying to say? Messiah was trying to show the Pharisees that they were rejecting YHWH’s laws in favor of their own traditions. (Verse 8)
Verse 2 shows the context of theses passages (ceremonial cleanliness – eating without first washing one’s hands)
This was even not in the law but a tradition of the elders” (verse 5) Also notice what kind of food the apostles were eating was “bread,” not meat. Later in these passages Messiah speaks in the general sense of “foods” and “whatever enters the mouth,” not specifically meat.
Mark 7 is not referencing clean and unclean meats at all.
Notice verse 19 contains the phrase “thus purifying (KJV: purging) all foods,”
Many people jump to the conclusion that Messiah is saying that all foods are clean. Again, in context, the passage itself proves this to be false. The sentence plainly states that the stomach “purifies” any kind of food put in it, not that Messiah had somehow declared all foods to be purified. The word “purging” in this verse means “to cleanse”.
Also, see Matthew 15:17
Do these scriptures do away with the law concerning clean and unclean meats?Certainly not!
Col 2:16
A lot of believers take this scripture and say “look it says not to judge me if I eat unclean”. That is not what this scripture is saying. It is saying not to judge those that eat clean.
Deut 12:15
This is talking about the clean and unclean people not foods
Deut 12:22
Again, this is talking about the clean and unclean people not foods
Isa 66:16-17
Is this saying that it’s ok to eat swine’s flesh? Taken in context, starting in verse 15, this is YHWH’s severe judgments against the wicked not an Ok to eat swine’s flesh.

We have seen in this study:
What the dietary laws are.
When where they instituted.
Examples of Clean and unclean in the Scriptures.
They were not just for the Jewish people
Why we need to observe them
The health benefits of eating according to the dietary laws
What the doctors say about eating unhealthily
We are His Holy temple and that we need to keep our temple clean
The objections to the dietary laws and how they are taken out of context to prove we don’t need to obey them.
In closing I just want to say, if the dietary laws were in effect in the Old Testament, they are still in effect in the New Testament and for us today.

Acts 2:38

Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Yahwah Ha Mashiach for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

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